CHI Limited has expanded its brand offering with the introduction of Hollandia Zero Yoghurt.

According to a statement, the product is a premium innovative product offering that combines the natural taste and nutrition of yoghurt with unique benefits of Zero Added Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweetener & Zero Lactose.

The product launch would be supported by a campaign with the launch message, “So Much Yoghurt Goodness, Zero Compromise”, and deployed across TV, Radio, Out-of-Home, Digital platforms, Van branding, and Point of Sale communication channels.

The new Hollandia Zero Yoghurt is a perfect option for those looking to explore a more mindful approach to drinking yoghurt, while being able to enjoy the goodness of yoghurt.

“Hollandia Zero Yoghurt targets the increasing number of health-conscious consumers who desire a nourishing drinking yoghurt beverage that has no added calories.

“Hollandia Zero Yoghurt’s unique premium packaging will appeal to its target audience and ensure the brand stands out on shelves in stores.

“The packaging boldly highlights its nutritional cues such as Zero Added Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweetener, Zero Lactose and nourishing goodness, reassuring consumers of a high quality yoghurt despite being a lower calorie option,” it added.

Hollandia Zero Yoghurt contains all the goodness and nourishment of drinking yoghurt with the added benefits of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B12, H, Calcium, Potassium, Iron & Protein. It is also a low fat drinking yoghurt which makes it the perfect choice for weight conscious consumers.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, stated that Hollandia Yoghurt is a brand defined by its consistent innovation and the launch of the Hollandia Zero Yoghurt is a major strategic step to woo the growing number of health conscious and sophisticated consumers.

“We are delighted to expand Hollandia Yoghurt into the low fat category with Zero Added Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweetener and Zero Lactose.

When you look at health trends today, you notice a growing community of consumers seeking to meet their weight goal. We sought ways to appeal to these consumers, and Hollandia Zero Yoghurt is the result,” she said. 


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